Here at Shepherd Gate Church, we have a God size vision.  To live a life that one can manage on his/her own is not living a faith filled life.  In the same manner, we are believing God for exponential Kingdom Impact, not just locally, but our nation and the world.  As we see the growing need for a Spirit-Filled, life-giving church in the Northern Virginia area, we feel God asking us to "expand our tent" (Isaiah 54:2) in preparation for the harvest of new believers the Lord is bringing to Shepherd Gate Church.

Our vision is "Making Jesus Known".  Our desire is for people of all ages, ethnic groups, and backgrounds to experience the power of a life in Jesus.  Over the next two years we are focusing on three areas in this season of preparation.

Children, Youth, and Students:
The world system understands that if they can get the minds of the next generation, they can shape culture.  Therefore, this is why we see such an emphasis to indoctrinate our children with values that are contrary to the Word of God.  By pouring in resources into our Children and Student ministries, we believe that we will create an atmosphere where our children will not only experience God in a tangible way, but also be equipped to "give an answer for the hope they have" (1 Peter 3:15).  We will be pouring financial resources into curriculum, leadership development for our teachers, and facility upgrades to both our nursery, children's church, and youth room.

We were created to worship (Psalm 86:9).  Not only are we created to worship, but worship also cultivates the presence of the Lord.  Since our desire is to "Make Jesus Known", one of the ways we do that is to create a vibrant Spirit-Filled expression of worship in our services. This means going beyond singing three songs, but to cultivate an atmosphere where people meet God.  We will be investing in building a passionate group of worshippers to help cultivate the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit.  

Facility Upgrades:
To reinforce this vision, we will be doing some facility upgrades.  We will be updating the children's area to make it more welcoming and fun for our children to gather together in worship and learning about the Bible.  For our students, we will be renovating the youth room to make it more conducive for our youth to want to hang out, have fun, and experience God in a manner that reaches their age group.  Lastly, we will be doing some sanctuary upgrades.  This will not only enhance the aesthetics of our Worship Center but will also give a better presence for our online services which is one of the main outreach tools any church has at their disposal.  Included in these updates are paint, lighting, and sound.

We ask that you prayerfully consider a one-time sacrificial offering, and reoccurring monthly pledge, or a stock donation to help fulfill our vision and build the Kingdom of God together (For stock donations, email us at for giving details).  You may give securely below and mark you giving on the Legacy tab.