Join us this summer for our newest sermon series: The Summer of We!

Christ + Me + Family + Church + Community = WE

Week 1: May 19 –Intro Sunday

Join us as we ask the question, "WHY WE?" 

Weeks 2-4: May 26-June 9 – Christ + Me (Spiritual Discipline) 

May 26 – Salvation - He turned "me" into "we". You are valuable.
June 2 – Learning to walk as a "We". Join us as we discuss walking in the Spirit + baptism of the Holy Spirit.
June 9 – When "We" grows legs – finding God's plan for "me/we".

Weeks 5-7: June 16-June 30 – Christ + Me + Family

June 16 – Relationships don't have to be complicated. Join us for a panel discussion on marriage + relationships in general. You won't want to miss this dynamic discussion! 
June 23 – The Family is God's most important "We". Join us as we discuss the importance of the Biblical family. Why does the enemy want to attack the family? And what does God say about cultural topics?
June 30 – Join us for a quickstart guide to building an invincible modern family. 

Weeks 8-10: July 7-21 – Christ + Me + Family + Church

July 7 – "The Runaway Bride" – Why the world has the church on the run. How can we be a God-centered church. Why are we afraid to be the church?
July 14 – When "WE" is bigger than "ME" – Why is the church important? Why should we build the kingdom? Are we too busy to build the church? Join us as we discuss how to take up our cross and follow HIM!
July  21 – "We Will Rock You" – How the church will change the world. You are a part of something living. God has a plan and we are a part of the bigger picture. 

Weeks 11-12: July 28-August 4

July 28 and August 4 – How will "WE" make Jesus known.

Week 13: August 11 – Guest Speaker Phil Brasfield

Join us for a powerful sermon from guest speaker Phil Brasfield! 

Week 14: August 18 – Back to School Sunday

Join us as we say farewell to summer with a Summer Block Party! We won't be having service this day, just worship + fun!